Thursday, May 29, 2008

ETLs fail with error - ORA-12537

I have 10 set in No. of Connections field in DAC Physical Data Sources both for OLTP and OLAP. The error is intermittent and upon restart, ETL completes successfully with no issues. I understood that the connections are somehow exceeding but couldn't guess that DAC is the problem creator. I closed DAC by hitting Ctl+c in Solaris session many a times when I wanted to restart thinking it would release all the connections but to my surprise it just keeps the connections alive. The only way to get the connections released is to run in Solaris session to stop DAC Server. Stopping DAC gracefully is so very important.

Coming to running DAC Server in background mode in Solaris is still a challenge here. nohup ./ & logs an error - ./ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/xxx/yyy/oracle/10.2.0/lib:/xxx/yyy/zzz/Informatica/Repositoryserver:/xxx/yyy/zzz/Informatica/Server:/xxx/yyy/zzz/app/oracle/10.2.0/lib32:/xxx/yyy/zzz/Informatica/Server: is not an identifier.

I am still working with our Admin team on this issue but given all the other activities, it isn't in my high priority list. But, we will have to find a solution by the time we move into Production.

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