Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help on UI Changes in OBIEE..

I had few requirements around changing the logo and other things in OBIEE OOB Dashboard. Though I got an unofficial documentation on this from a colleague of mine, I was curious to find something that can help to change and see how it affects the look and feel of the dashboard. The basic requirements can be fulfilled by changing bg_banner.jpg and siebelbug.gif in res/s_Oracle10/b_mozilla10 and in res respectively. Absolute path depends upon the web server used. If it is IIS, you can find the files in OracleBI/web/res/.. and if it is OC4J, the files will be in $ORACLEBI_HOME/oc4j_bi/j2ee/home/applications/analytics/analytics/res/..

I have got Firefox version 3.0 installed on my machine and I got Firebug 1.2 installed as an add-on. Firebug allows to change lot of the properties in CSS files and add additional attributes and see the effect right away. You do not have to upload CSS files to validate the look and feel. Also, it helps to identify the actual CSS file that has the attributes, properties and etc. Try for yourself to learn more. It is really interesting to play with. I will be using this to change my blogs sometime when I find some good time.

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Hi Changa

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