Thursday, June 4, 2015

OBIEE RCU issues on Oracle 12c Database

OBIEE Certification Matrix states that Oracle 12c Database is certified to use for Data Source and Repository. We tried testing Oracle 12c as Repository Database but RCU creation failed.
After entering the database details, I got the following message:

"The database you are connecting to, is a more recent one than the supported version refer to the certification matrix for supported DB version"

We can ignore this message and proceed further, which I did.
It let me choose the prefix of username and created table-spaces successfully. While creating the user, it displayed this message:

As the next steps in this sql script are based on this user creation, I can't just ignore this. I stopped this and read the logs.
I found that Oracle 12c database concepts are slightly different - Pluggable DB and Container DB. This is very well explained in Oracle Documentation -
After all this study, I found that I am trying to create an user in CDB$ROOT. This connection typically don't carry any users and data. Every new Oracle 12c database must have one PDB (Pluggable DB) and RCU should connect to that while creating users.
As one PDB is created by default, we need to open this PDB for connections and should provide this PDB details to RCU.
Below are the commands to open the PDB for connections. 

While entering the SERVICE NAME in the RCU screen, make sure you enter pdborcl.domain or your own Pluggable DB where you want to create the RCU Schemas.
RCU can now successfully create users and grant them appropriate roles.  
Hope this helps!

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