Monday, March 17, 2008

Installation of Oracle on Windows XP..

I was asked to take a brief training session for some folks who have been working on SIEBEL CRM. I thought it would be a good time to install OBI on my laptop and demonstrate what the tool can do. I tried installing Oracle 9i thinking it would utilize less resources but had problems starting listener. My next stop was to try 10g. While I tried to install 10g, it gave me an error that I could understand little bit and fully understood that there is something that I have to do apart from hitting Next, Next to install. Microsoft Loopback adaptor has to be installed in order to install Oracle on Windows XP Professional. I read that even XP Home has to have loopback adaptor but I know for sure XP Professional needs the adaptor installed.

It seems 9i wasn't throwing a readable message but would have just worked with a loopback adaptor. I successfully installed 10g and OBIEE I did demonstrate the paint.rpd to the audience and also explained them on how to configure sample fact, dimensions and hierarchies by utilizing the tables that are created by 10g install with DW Option added to the install. It went just fine and I now have OBIEE to try few things at home if office isn't enough.

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