Thursday, March 20, 2008

OBIEE Installation on Solaris 10

I have not installed anytime all the components in Solaris but was sure that the instructions pretty much help to complete the install. It is pretty much a smooth install but we struggled with few issues and I am putting down the details here for the benefit of others.

One thing that we struggled was to get Informatica up and running.

Issue 1:

When we tried to restore the OOB repository, we got an error - Unable to create Repository. Please check the Activity Log for more detailed messages". But, in activity log, there was absolutely no messages.

When we tried to create the repository from the command line with pmrepagent, we see an error message - "sh pmrepagent: not found".

In pmrepserver.log, below is the error message that we are seeing.
ERROR : RS_39194 [Thu Mar 06 12:46:58 2008] : (18998|15) Failure in running comm
and-line request type[100405] [pmrepagent restore -r Oracle_BI_DW_Unix -t "Oracl
e" -u pw_center_repos -c -d "UTF-8" -h -l -o 9999 -i "Backup/Oracle_BI_DW_Base.rep" -s 100 -b -j -a Oracle_0BI
_0DW_0Unix-es.lic -H "" -O 5001 -K 2082340862]. Erro
r is [].
Just to add to this, pmrepagent was not starting after starting pmrepserver.


Add RepositoryServer directory path to PATH variable and restart pmrepserver. Start the restore from Repository Administration Colsole client.

Issue 2:

After successfully restoring the repository, when we try to connect from Informatica client, we were getting an error - "[REP_12782] The repository Oracle_BI_DW_Base's code page (UTF-8 encoding of Unicode) and workflow Manager's code page (MS Windows Latin 1 (ANSI), superset of Latin1) are incompatible".

Solution :

Set LC_ALL=C in Solaris environment and re-register Informatica Server in Informatica Server Administartion Console. We set LC_ALL=C and tried multiple things but re-registering the repository in repository administration console is the most important step that we tried after a long struggle. We were able to see more code pages in the code-page drop-down of create repository window. We selected "ISO 8859-1 Western European" and created the repository. We now are able to connect to Informatica from client and everything is working just fine now.

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