Thursday, October 30, 2008

ParameterfileOLTP.txt in DAC

I had many problems with DAC 7.9.4 not picking right values from parameterOLTP.txt file while generating the individual parameter files at the run time. Read the full post here... Dylan Wan talked about an enhancement then and a colleague of mine reminded me today of testing that while we were planning on modifying parameterfileOLTP.txt as we upgrade from 7.9.4 to 7.9.5. It is pretty cool now as we get to define parameters at Task level for different source system containers and requires no restart of DAC, no assemle of subject areas and no build of execution plans required after adding the parameters at task level, which is really cool. If parameterfileOLTP.txt has same parameter, what you define in DAC takes precedence over the definition in parameterfileOLTP.txt.

I was suspicious of the fact that Informatica expects the parameters to be prefixed with mapplet name in case the parameter is a mapplet parameter. DAC is able to generate the parameter as mapplet.parameter at the run time though we do not specify in DAC that it is a Mapplet parameter. I am thinking DAC queries OPB tables (Informatica Repository tables) to identify whether the parameter is Mapplet or mapping.

7.9.4 DAC in fact had same parameters feature at task level in DAC Client and in fact it is documented that we should use parameters at task level instead of attempting to change parameterfileOLTP.txt. It is clear now that I missed to read this piece of the DAC 7.9.4 documentation, while I configured OOB Order Management. To be fair to myself, applications configuration document mentions to change the parameter values in parameterfileOLTP.txt, which should have at least had a line on configuration steps in DAC. I spent lot of time trying to fix the issue with DAC not passing right values from parameterfileOLTP.txt and I ultimately created my own parameters in 7.9.4. Anyway, not bad to realize now than never.


woodpecker said...

Hi Reddy,

It was really great to read your blog.

I found the if the transaction application is EBS and the parameter is for one mapplet, we need not add prefixed with mapplet name. but when the application is Peoplesoft, we have to add that as mapplet.parameter. I meet the issue when I ran the OOTB tasks.

Did you meet that?

Best Regards,

Changa said...

I have not worked with Peoplesoft source but what I explained in my post should work for any source. You can define parameters in DAC where in you do not need to specify the mapplet.