Friday, October 31, 2008

Registering Informatica 8.1.1 Integration Service in DAC

Registering Informatica Integration service in DAC took a lot of time in the evening the other day. The documentation says that the ServerPort variable in Custom Properties in Informatica Admin Console will be the port on which Informatica Integration service will listen to. Refer to section 4.7.3 in Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications Fusion Edition Installation and Configuration Guide Release 7.9.5 document. But, after creating ServerPort variable with value 4006 as a custom property in Repository properties did not help. lsof -i|grep 4006 on Solaris returned nothing on Solaris, which indicates that the port is not in use. After shutting down and restarting of Informatica services multiple times, I thought I missed something in documentation. I was able to connect to Integration serviec and Repository service with pmrep and pmcmd respectively from the command prompt on the machine where DAC client is running.

After lot of unsucessful attempts, I looked at all of the ports in use by the Solaris user and 6009 stood out to be something of interest. Boom!! Here I go. DAC threw a message "connection successful but passwords not verified" when the port changed to 6009 from 4006. I do not think we ever configured 6009 anywhere during or post install of Informatica 8.1.1 OEM. I am wondering what if we want to create another Informatica integration service on the same box with a different user. I will post the answer as I come out of that situation.

Here is the way to fix the Port issue with Informatica Integration Service

After going through the documentation once more, it is clear that the custom property should be created in Informatica Integration Service properties NOT on the repository properties. I restarted Infaservices today and the port is different now. So, Informatica is assigning different port each time for Integration service. After adding the ServerPort variable with value as 6010 in Informatica Integration service custom properties, Informatica integration service is always running on the static port(6010). Now I am confident that we can run multiple Informatica Integration services on a Solaris machine, if required.


woodpecker said...

Agree with you, before we install the informatica or OBIEE, we should read the installation guide carfully. I met the same issue with you and resolved that after double reading.

Best Regards,

Kevin said...

Thank you for this post. It did the trick!

Also I agree to read the guide very very carefully.