Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Configuring iBots

Here goes my first post...

I was asked to configure iBots in our Staging environments last week. I came across a error while configuring iBots and it was observed that our paths are not set in Solaris. I believe this is a common error and might occur in many of your servers too.

The following steps will let you configure the iBots in minutes.

Issue : I got the following error when I ran ../OracleBI/Server/Bin/schconfig :
libnqsutilitygeneric.so is not found in specific path.

Resolution :
Export the following paths :
1. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../OracleBI/server/bin (give full path)
2. export PATH=../OracleBI/server
3. export ANA_INSTALL_DIR=../obiee/OracleBI
5. export SADATADIR=../obiee/OracleBIData
6. export SATEMPDIR=../obiee/OracleBIData/tmp

P.S: Test the paths randomly by running the echo command.
Exporting only the LD_LIBRARY_PATH also worked for me but it is recommended to export all the above paths. Also, you can find these paths in the common.sh of BI Presentation Services box.

You are now set to configure your iBots.
Now run the schconfig.
1. Configure the database by providing the valid TNS Name, Username and Password.
2. Configure the mail server and SMTP Ports.(SMTP server configuration is needed for scheduler to deliver report content to mail).
3. Restart the Scheduler.
     ./run-sch.sh stop
     ./run-sch.sh start
Create an iBot in Delivers and run it to verify whether the iBot is working. Hope, that helps!

Aneel Kanuri

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Anonymous said...

You should normally set your OBIEE paths by dot-sourcing $OBIEE_HOME/setup/sa-init.sh (or $OBIEE_HOME/setup/sa-init64.sh for 64 bit)

The sa-init.sh file sets all the paths that you're setting manually.

If your OBIEE home directory was /app/oracle/product/obiee then you'd do this:

cd /app/oracle/product/obiee/setup
. ./sa-init.sh

Note the dot space dot slash in front of sa-init.sh, this is crucial