Friday, April 30, 2010

Warm Welcome to Aneel!

I have been bit busy for last few months due to some recent changes in my work activities. I have been trying to get some of my colleagues to take up the task of blogging or contributing to this blog but didn't get any positive responses. I was afraid at sometime that the blog will become inactive in a while as I get busy with my new role but thankfully, Aneel agreed to become a contributor and I am more than happy to have him contribute to this blog. His unique skills and areas of expertise add not just more technical value but also more variety to this blog and I am sure readers will be greatly benefited.

Aneel has experience with Discoverer Configuration and Administration for quite a bit and in his current role, he administers a huge OBIEE & OBIA Infrastructure. Aneel's posts will speak for his experience than me. I sincerely thank Aneel for doing this and for the kind words about me in his own introduction post. I wish Aneel all the best and I am sure readers will see great benefits from the posts as always.

You will see posts more on OBI Applications and OBI Administration hereafter. Happy reading!

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